Rongoa Maori Aotearoa Traditional Medicine Of New Zealand

Kiwi Herbs Limited operates a business within New Zealand, within both a Maori and a western paradigm (Rongoa Maori and the NZ Natural Products Industry). Having organisation membership with both the Te Kahui Rongoa Trust and the Natural Products Association of New Zealand. KHL managing director Fred Allen is of both Maori and European descent. View Freds Whakapapa Here. The KHL enterprise incorporates both Maori and western values systems within its framework.KHL is a "Double Paradigm" enterprise incorporating all NZ biota including freshwater, air and soils, marine, aquatic and terrestrial organisms, their genes, and associated micro-organisms.

'Taonga'/NZ Biota(Seen and Unseen)

KHL incorporates all these medicinal organisms and materials within two paradigms because in the Maori paradigm, they are all 'Taonga' and by legal precedent within NZ courts, Maori have the Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) rights to walk/work in two worlds (paradigms). Within the western paradigm, KHL has marketed nationally and internationally (Korean expo), the incorporation of all NZ Biota (seen and unseen), as being available for a vast array of products and services. The transparent framework for this double paradigm enterprise has been in the public domain for 5 years and 8 months (at 2016) on the Kiwi Herbs Ltd website.

Implementation Plan For Rongoa Knowledgebase

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine has been the basis of health treatment for many generations in indigenous cultures and is often under-estimated or dismissed by the scientific and medical communities.

Here is a presentation given by Fred about the Matariki Celebration of Rongoa Maori and Contemporary Native Plant Remedies.

Contemporary Development

ESR Rongoa Report

ESR Rongoa Symposium Report

Treaty Of Waitangi

The Treaty Of Waitangi is a document agreement signed in 1840 between indigenous Maori and the Crown government of Aotearoa/New Zealand that granted Maori citizenship rights and full protection of their interests and status. The Treaty Of Waitangi is significant for Rongoa Maori because it grants Maori the right to their own perspectives of health, the right to engage in their cultural traditions, and therefore the right to protect Rongoa Maori is an obligation to be upheld by the New Zealand government.

Intellectual Property

New Zealand adopted the Convention of Biological Diversity in 1993 which recognises the direct role Maori should play both in the protection of biodiversity and the utilization of its benefits. This report outlines I.P and Sui Generis IP systems for Maori in development, Maori, Biodiversity and Inernational Law

The NZ Patents Act has been reviewed - Cabinet Paper Review on Maori Intellectual Property. The attached Maori Customary Use Report by the NZ Conservation Authority (DOC) outlines the struggle the Western paradigm has, to let go of their total control of natural recources to share management with Maori.

This Royal Commission on GM in NZ report has much to add about I.P and Maori.

Wai 262, 740, and 2358

Wai 262 - A Report Into Claims Concerning New Zealand Law And Policy Affecting Maori Culture And Identity
Wai 2358 - Freshwater Claim

Natural Products Bill

Koha/Gift Currency

IRD treatment of Koha is shown on their webite under Income tax and GST treatment of koha.

Tapu Law for Tohunga 1863

Tapu Law for Tohunga 1863.

Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic

Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic.

Fred Allen and Rongoa Maori Roopu

Fred Allen and Rongoa Maori Roopu.

Rongoa Maori Practitioners Hui

Rongoa Maori Practitioners Hui.

KHL Korean Expo Stand

KHL Korean Expo Stand.