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Natural Herbs Stockbeds

CBD signatory countries are obliged to be consistent to the Bonn Convention On Biological Development Guidelines Appendix 1 and 2. Information and assessment of NZ legislations or absence of NZ legislations in relation to the CBD and ABS implementation and issues that relate to the implementation of NZ legislations, or the absence of, with respect to the rights of indigenous peoples, issues of territorial rights, rights to resources and self determination.

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When trading with Kiwi Herbs Limited, all transactions are covered by these Terms Of Trade so please ensure before placing an order with us you are familiar with these terms.

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Consultation And Advice Terms

The following information outlines Kiwi Herbs Ltds commitment to you and what we will expect from you. It discusses Kiwi Herbs Ltds indemnity and issues around confidentiality.

Kiwi Herbs Ltd:-

  1. Will provide you with timely, quality advice and information that can help you develop your programme or business idea
  2. Will take no ownership of any aspect of your programme or business idea
  3. Is not there to vet your business for the purposes of funding or any other purpose
  4. Cannot provide you with funding, but may help you access it from other sources
Your agreement with Kiwi Herbs Ltd (Indemnity)

As a client of Kiwi Herbs Ltd, you acknowledge that the Kiwi Herbs Ltd representative is providing advice in good faith and using judgement based on the information available to the representative during the term with Kiwi Herbs Ltd.

You also acknowledge that you will have no recourse against Kiwi Herbs Ltd if that advice proves faulty or incorrect.


  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd herbal products and goods cannot be construed as a recommendation of medical treatment or medication. They are not professed to be medical treatment, nor is any such claim made.
  • There are no medical recommendations or claims for Kiwi Herbs Ltd products and goods made or described.
  • No individual should consume any herbal products or goods without first consulting and obtaining the informed approval of a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd makes no warranties or representation as to the effectiveness of their products and goods.
  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd cannot recommend self-medication with plant products.
  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd advises that iatrogenic, idiosyncratic and/or allergic reactions can occur, albeit rarely, regardless of the cautions employed.
  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd cannot have knowledge of all international and local laws related to your country and state, and therefore do not accept responsibility for confiscated products and goods, and will not replace or refund shipments, period.
  • Kiwi Herbs Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the use, misuse, accident, injury caused by handling or ingestion, or attempting to follow instructions, information or procedures described by labels, of all of our products and goods.