Kiwi Herbs Limited is a New Zealand based business specialising in raw materials, products, goods and services derived from New Zealand native plants and other New Zealand biological materials and natural resources. As well as herbal and medicinal raw materials Kiwi Herbs supplies dietary supplements for specific health conditions based on Maori herbal remedies (rakau rongoa), a skincare range, anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal natural products and a health drink.

Kiwi Herbs Limited offers traditional herbal knowledge in the context of Maori traditional usage, and from personal experience, and augmented by our studies of current research.

Our business practice is to undertake science research and laboratory analysis on our manufactured products, providing Material Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis and bacterial counts for our larger wholesale buyers. We also offer MSDS documents at the National Poison Centres of the countries we export to if they have one.

Our Mission

To offer unique New Zealand (Kiwi) herbal remedies to the world as products. To participate and promote the sustainable management of the rare, treatened and endangered flora, fauna, water, soils, and air of New Zealand.

Our Headquarters

Located at the head of Stokes Valley in Wellington, New Zealand we are surrounded by forests, running streams on all sides and next door to a large Buddhist monastery.

There are offices, buildings, structures and land from operating our wholesale native plant nursery, Kiwi Plants Ltd that will be utilised for the herbal business as required.

Kiwi Herbs is an organisation member of the Te Kahui Rongoa Trust

Buddhist Monastery

View from the Buddhist Monastery next door to our headquarters.